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In der Vorsaison verpasst du vermutlich noch keine grossartigen Powderturns. Somit ist es die optimale Zeit, dich auf die bevorstehende Wintersaison vor zu bereiten. Ohne Powderstress kannst du dich in verschiedenen Themen Aus- & Weiterbilden.

  • Skitechnik Freeride mit Freeride-Pro
  • Skitechnik Alpin
  • Lawinenausbildung Prävention
  • Lawinenausbildung Kameradenrettung / Erste Hilfe
  • Ski Moutaineering / Abenteuer Skifahren

Die alles unter der Leitung von erfahrenen und motivierten Vollzeitbergführer und Freeride Profis.

Das Titlisgebiet in Engelberg eignet sich dank der hohen Lage des Gletschers optimal dazu. In der Vorsaison im Dezember hat es normalerweise noch nicht meterweise stiebender Pulverschnee, jedoch auf dem Gletscher ziemlich sicher Schnee zum Skifahren. Es warten keine Abfahrten mit 2000hm auf dich, aber viele Workshops, Spass und ein anregender Erfahrungsaustausch.

Unsere Philosophie ist, euch in der Vorsaison möglichst viel von unserem Wissen und Erfahrung mit zu geben. Somit wollen wir euch in Zukunft tolle Erlebnisse im Schnee und am Berg ermöglichen. Dies bei höchst möglicher Sicherheit und Sorgfalt.

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The conditions during early season can vary. Therefor also our program during the camp. The participant can look forward to a safe and high-quality program regardless of weather and snow conditions. We want to create an optimal learning climate where everyone can contribute their experiences. The team of mountain guides are very motivated to pass on their own experiences to you in a good way. The participants’ experiences and knowledge from the mountains also give us all additional opportunities to develop even more.

The passion for nature and skiing connects us all and we want to focus on the community of snow sports during these three days.

Skitechnique Freeride

Let yourself be inspired by pro-skier Piers Solomon’s playful and elegant freeride technique. He will be happy to show you in a pragmatic way how you can progress and work with your freeride technique. Broaden your horizons and have fun while skiing with more flow and new (simple) freestyle elements.

Duration: ½ Tag
Leads by: Ski-Coach & Freeride Pro Piers Solomon oder Bergführer

Avalanche training & companion rescue / first aid

If things go wrong, we want to be prepared for an extreme situation. Do you have your avalanche transceiver fully under control and are you fast enough even under stress? Do you also function in complex situations under time pressure?

Every situation brings individual problems with it. That’s where we focus and train you in the best possible way.

Duration: ½ day plus evening course
Direction: Mountain guide IVBV & Ski patroller

  • Companion rescue
  • Search, probing, shoveling
  • Multiple burial
  • First aid for freeriders / ski tourers with ski patroller
  • Minor accidents
  • Assistance avalanche accidents
Bad weather options

As the name suggests, the Pre-Season Camp takes place in the pre-season. The weather, the conditions and the amount of snow is not always optimal. If the ski area should remain closed because of e.g. storm, heavy snowfall or even too little snow, we offer you alternative possibilities in the valley to be optimally prepared for the upcoming winter season.

Duration: As little as possible, as much as necessary.
Direction: Mountain guide and specialists for this purpose

  • Multiple burial LVS
  • Rope handling
    Rope shortening
    Rope maneuver
  • Abseiling
  • Self ascent
  • Crevasse rescue
  • Improvised rescues
  • “Trouble shooting” on the mountain
  • First aid
  • Snowpack structure, snow crystals etc.
Behind the Scenes „Ski-Pro“

Dreamed by many, realized by few. To live from skiing is a child’s fantasy for many who are reading this text right now. All guides and ski pros in this camp are doing exactly that. We will introduce you to this life in more detail; how does it come about, what does it take and what are the downsides of this outwardly appearing “high gloss” life?

Duration: evening show
Direction: Ski-Coach & Freeride Pro Piers Solomon

  • Short ski films
  • “Behind the scenes”
  • How do such recordings come about?
  • What does it take?
  • Lifestyle and life of the ski pro
  • Skiing philosophy
  • Question round with tasty beer
Ski Mountaineering / Adventure Skiing

In a real freeride area like Titlis, you need the right skills to get from the classic runs to the adventure terrain. Often you have to “scramble” a bit in short places or abseil into a gully/couloir. This is not only to get to the good snow, but it is an experience in itself.

Duration: 1 day
Direction: Mountain guide IVBV

  • Training block “Rope & More” based on different situations
  • Equipment
  • Knots
  • Abseiling normal & improvised
  • Anchorages in rock, ice and snow
  • Ski skills 40° plus
  • Assessment special case couloirs
  • Safe skiing in steep terrain
  • Jumpturns
  • Sliding sideways, spit turns etc.
  • Small application tour with e.g. abseiling into a couloir
  • The conditions for such terrain must be suitable!
Avalanche training prevention

Adapted according to the current circumstances and on the way in the field, we give you our experience on the subject of avalanche prevention. What do we do today and why not the different? Where is the best place to ski our planned line and above all why? What do I do if things turn out differently than planned? These and many other questions occupy us every day, and we are happy to share our thoughts with you. High practical part.

Duration: ½ day

Direction: Mountain guide IVBV

  • Prevention
    (Bulletin, practice-oriented tour planning, rolling tour planning, human factor
  • Behavior in the terrain
    (line selection, safe points, group tactics)
Skitechnik Alpine

On a small application tour we deepen your alpine ski technique in the ascent and descent in challenging terrain. Because good skiing and solid accenting mean also safety! Sometimes it takes only a few small tips to achieve a great result.

Duration: ½ day
Direction: Mountain guide IVBV

  • Sicherheit & Taktik in steilem / schwierigem Gelände 
  • (Spitzkehren, Seitwärts Abrutschen, Ski anziehen in steilem Gelände)
  • Technik Aufstieg
  • (Kick-Truns, Spitzkehren mit Fellen, Handling Felle & Harsteisen, effizienter Wechsel, Bootpacking, etc.)

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15/10/23- 15/10/23
Pre-Season Day
08/12/23- 10/12/23
Pre-Season Camp – Serie 2 „Early-Bird“
15/12/23- 17/12/23
Pre-Season Camp – Serie 3 „Secret-Line“
29/12/23- 31/12/23
Pre-Season Camp – Serie 4 „Powder-Hunt“
05/01/24- 07/01/24
Pre-Season Camp – Serie 5 „New-Year Powder“
12/01/24- 14/01/24
Pre-Season Camp – Serie 6 „Epic-Conditions“
20/01/24- 22/01/24
Women Only Skitouren- & Freeride Camp

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Das erprobte Programm, soll die Punkte abdecken, welche du in der kommenden Winter- & Frühlings Skisaison gebrauchen wirst. Das passiert nicht langweilig in einen Theorieraum, sondern direkt im Geländen und anhand praxisorientierten Beispielen.

Um das Programm möglichst gut auf dein Niveau anzupassen, bilden wir Level Gruppen in denen wir die Tage unterwegs sind.



Piers Solomon

“I am a professional freerider from Central Switzerland who spends his winters following the best conditions, having the best possible time and meeting new people from all over the world.”

Born and raised in the Swiss Alps, Piers was introduced to skiing by his mother at the age of three. At the age of six, he devoted most of his life to alpine ski racing. After ten years of ski racing, Piers felt more and more attracted by the freedom of freestyle and freeride. As a result, he was given his first pair of “fat skis” at the age of 17. From then on, he was definitely attracted to off-piste skiing. Soon he met Oskar Enander, the professional snow sports photographer from Sweden, in Engelberg. Piers started some photo projects with Oskar and with his help he got his first sponsors. Oskar opened Piers the door to other parts of the industry, like his first film trip, which took place at the age of 19 for sweetgrass productions’ “Walhalla”. In the meantime he has been travelling for big film projects and was included in a webisode series of DPS-skis. In addition, Piers has spent much of his summers in Argentina in recent years, where he trains and guides skiers and snowboarders in the “Cerro Cathedral” area near San Carlos de Bariloche for a travel company called SASS Global Travel.


Dani Perret

“Skiing in the adventure area means a lot to me. With some imagination and the right skills, you can experience something in all conditions. Thanks to rope & skins, you can reach slopes and gullies that will make your heart beat faster.”

Dani was born and raised in the same area as Piers. The adventure in the mountains attracted him already as a child and teenager again and again to lonely and secluded terrain. He feels at home on skis, mountain-, climbing- or trailrunning shoes, in all disciplines. The focus is not so much on relative performance, but rather on lasting experiences with the highest possible level of safety.

Dani is a full-time mountain guide in winter as well as summer, stationed in Engelberg. Again and again he discovers the Engelberg valley and the surrounding areas in the Alps with new eyes and is happy to share his newly gained ideas with you.


Tobias Granath

“The strong Swede on the team”

Tobias Granath is a Swedish IFMGA/UIAGM/IVBV mountain guide and has lived in the Alps since 2000. Today he lives with his family in Engelberg and works as a mountain guide all year round.

It inspires me to take clients into the wild alpine environment and show them my secret places and discover new places. From ski touring for beginners to ski mountaineering for experts – offering clients the best possible mountain experience is not only my job, it is my passion.


Robert Lönnell

“Robert Lönnell a Swedish IFMGA / UIAGM / IVBV mountain guide. He has lived in Engelberg with his family since 2009.”

Robert started skiing at a young age and after finishing school he was ready to leave Sweden and start exploring different mountains and terrain.
After 10 years of travelling to different places such as Chamonix, Tirol, Canada and more he came to Engelberg in 2009 and decided to turn his passion for the mountains into a career.
He now works full time as a professional IFMGA Mountain Guide.
Skiing powder, climbing walls or guiding you up your dream peak. He is always happy to take you out in to the mountains.

Jonas Schild

“In the meantime, I can live almost exclusively from mountain sports. On the one hand as an alpinist and climber, on the other hand as a mountain guide. For me it is extremely motivating to pass on my passion for the mountains to other people. Especially in winter there is nothing more beautiful for me than to conjure together his tracks in steep slopes and gullies.”

With a father as a mountain guide, Jonas came into contact with mountain sports at a young age. At the beginning on hikes and in climbing gardens, later on mountain and climbing tours. Even then he was fascinated by the steep walls of the mountains, which he mostly climbed on the normal route. It is important for him to be a complete alpinist. This means to be safe and on a high level in the classic alpine terrain as well as on skis and to have as much fun and joy as possible.
Jonas lives in Bern, studied geography and has been a mountain guide aspirant since 2018. Despite the rather long distance, he came into contact with the Engelberg valley early on, earlier in the summer climbing, now more and more in the winter as a mountain guide, where he appreciates the incredible potential for freeriding around the Titlis.

Education: Mountain guide IVBV / UIAGM
Company: www.jonasschild.ch

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Das Dorf Engelberg liegt zwar nur auf 1000 m.ü.M. doch Dank dem Titlis und dessen Stein- sowie Galtiberggletscher auf 3238 m.üm. ist Schneesport oft schon ab anfangs Oktober möglich.
Somit haben wir anfangs Dezember gute Chance auf die ersten Turns im Schnee.

Für ein solides Pre-Season Camp brauchen wir nicht Abfahrten mit über 2000hm wie in der Hauptsaison, sondern spannendes Gelände für Ausbildungs- und Anwendungstouren.

Engelberg ist sehr gut mit dem ÖV sowie Auto erreichbar. Willkommen!

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Was sind die Anforderungen an mich?

Das Camp ist nicht ausgerichtet für Freeride oder Skitoureneinsteiger. Du musst Erfahrung in den genannten Bereichen haben, solide auf den Skis oder Snowboard unterwegs sein und bringst eine gute Grundkondition mit. Wir werden in den unterschiedlichen Ausbildungsblöcken verschiedene Gruppen nach Levels machen. Somit kannst du dich später selber (via Selbsteinschätzungsformular) und mit einem Bergführer in eine Gruppe einteilen welche zu dir passt. Bist du bereits ein sehr starker Tourengänger, Freerider oder Alpinist? Dann lass es uns in der Anmeldung unbedingt wissen so dass wir dich richtig einteilen können. (oder später per Selbsteinschätzungsformular)

Kann ich als Snowboarder auch teilnehmen?

Ja. Falls du ein Splitboard hast ist das sogar eine gute Idee. Wir werden bei Möglichkeit eine separate Boardergruppe machen. (falls genügend Interessierte). Der Skitechnikteil können wir nur bei genügend Snowboardern (seperate Gruppe) auf Snowboardtechnik adaptieren. Ansonsten kannst du als Boarder das selbe Programm mitmachen. Wie organisiere ich die Übernachtung? Falls du am Abend bei einem gemeinsamen Essen und den Abendprogrammen dabei sein willst, oder schlicht weg zu weit entfernt wohnst, empfehlen wir dir eine Übernachtung in einem unseren Partnerhotels. So kannst du gut auch mal ein Bier trinken nach einem lehrreichen Tag.

Was ist wenn wegen Corona das Camp nicht stattfinden kann?

Wir arbeiten grundsätzlich mit dem Schutzkonzept des CH-Bergführerverbands. Falls sich die aktuelle Situation ändern wird und wir wegen den Vorschriften das Camp nicht durchführen können, wird dir der gesamte Betrag gut geschrieben und wir hoffen, du kannst an einem späteren Zeitpunkt teilnehmen. Da kann man auch mit uns für andere Lösungen diskutieren.

Was wenn das Wetter schlecht ist oder kein Schnee liegt?

Es kann gut sein, dass z.B. wegen Föhnsturm, Schneemangel oder ähnliche doofe Situationen das Camp nicht nach Programm durchgeführt werden kann. Hier stehen wir dir mit alternativen Programmen in der Talsohle bereit. Für mehr Informationen siehe Programm.

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Grundsätzlich ist jeder für seine Übernachtung selber verantwortlich. Da wir viel miteinander unterwegs sind, ist dein “Schlafspot” nicht so wichtig. Schläfst du nicht in deinem Bus oder deiner Ferienwohnung in Engelberg und bist auf der Suche nach einem Hotel? Gerne können wir dir ein paar Vorschläge machen:

  • Ski Lodge: The place to be. Da wo sich Ski Pro’s und Bergführer gute Nacht sagen.
  • Terrasse: Grandioser Ausblick über Engelberg. Bed & Ski im Package
  • Crystal: Familiäres Hotel im Herzen von Engelberg
  • Hotel Engelberg: Historisches Hotel, coole Gastgeber, mitten in der Dorfstrasse
  • GRAND Hostel&Bar: Super Preis-Leistungsverhältnis.

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Pre-Season Camp Engelberg
Mountain Camps Engelberg

c/o Dani Perret
Schweizerhausstrasse 100
6390 Engelberg


+41 79 513 16 56

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