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Our program is well tested and proven and will cover all you need to be well prepared for the upcoming winter & spring ski season. You will not be bored inside a class room; the days are filled with practical exercises in the field up on the mountain!

In order to adapt the programme as well as possible to your level, we form level groups in which we spend the days on the road.


Training blocks


The conditions during early season can vary. Therefor also our program during the camp. The participant can look forward to a safe and high-quality program regardless of weather and snow conditions. We want to create an optimal learning climate where everyone can contribute their experiences. The team of mountain guides are very motivated to pass on their own experiences to you in a good way. The participants’ experiences and knowledge from the mountains also give us all additional opportunities to develop even more.

The passion for nature and skiing connects us all and we want to focus on the community of snow sports during these three days.

Skitechnique Freeride

Let yourself be inspired by pro-skier Piers Solomon’s playful and elegant freeride technique. He will be happy to show you in a pragmatic way how you can progress and work with your freeride technique. Broaden your horizons and have fun while skiing with more flow and new (simple) freestyle elements.

Duration: ½ Tag
Leads by: Ski-Coach & Freeride Pro Piers Solomon oder Bergführer

Avalanche training & companion rescue / first aid

If things go wrong, we want to be prepared for an extreme situation. Do you have your avalanche transceiver fully under control and are you fast enough even under stress? Do you also function in complex situations under time pressure?

Every situation brings individual problems with it. That’s where we focus and train you in the best possible way.

Duration: ½ day plus evening course
Direction: Mountain guide IVBV & Ski patroller

  • Companion rescue
  • Search, probing, shoveling
  • Multiple burial
  • First aid for freeriders / ski tourers with ski patroller
  • Minor accidents
  • Assistance avalanche accidents
Bad weather options

As the name suggests, the Pre-Season Camp takes place in the pre-season. The weather, the conditions and the amount of snow is not always optimal. If the ski area should remain closed because of e.g. storm, heavy snowfall or even too little snow, we offer you alternative possibilities in the valley to be optimally prepared for the upcoming winter season.

Duration: As little as possible, as much as necessary.
Direction: Mountain guide and specialists for this purpose

  • Multiple burial LVS
  • Rope handling
    Rope shortening
    Rope maneuver
  • Abseiling
  • Self ascent
  • Crevasse rescue
  • Improvised rescues
  • “Trouble shooting” on the mountain
  • First aid
  • Snowpack structure, snow crystals etc.
Behind the Scenes „Ski-Pro“

Dreamed by many, realized by few. To live from skiing is a child’s fantasy for many who are reading this text right now. All guides and ski pros in this camp are doing exactly that. We will introduce you to this life in more detail; how does it come about, what does it take and what are the downsides of this outwardly appearing “high gloss” life?

Duration: evening show
Direction: Ski-Coach & Freeride Pro Piers Solomon

  • Short ski films
  • “Behind the scenes”
  • How do such recordings come about?
  • What does it take?
  • Lifestyle and life of the ski pro
  • Skiing philosophy
  • Question round with tasty beer
Ski Mountaineering / Adventure Skiing

In a real freeride area like Titlis, you need the right skills to get from the classic runs to the adventure terrain. Often you have to “scramble” a bit in short places or abseil into a gully/couloir. This is not only to get to the good snow, but it is an experience in itself.

Duration: 1 day
Direction: Mountain guide IVBV

  • Training block “Rope & More” based on different situations
  • Equipment
  • Knots
  • Abseiling normal & improvised
  • Anchorages in rock, ice and snow
  • Ski skills 40° plus
  • Assessment special case couloirs
  • Safe skiing in steep terrain
  • Jumpturns
  • Sliding sideways, spit turns etc.
  • Small application tour with e.g. abseiling into a couloir
  • The conditions for such terrain must be suitable!
Avalanche training prevention

Adapted according to the current circumstances and on the way in the field, we give you our experience on the subject of avalanche prevention. What do we do today and why not the different? Where is the best place to ski our planned line and above all why? What do I do if things turn out differently than planned? These and many other questions occupy us every day, and we are happy to share our thoughts with you. High practical part.

Duration: ½ day

Direction: Mountain guide IVBV

  • Prevention
    (Bulletin, practice-oriented tour planning, rolling tour planning, human factor
  • Behavior in the terrain
    (line selection, safe points, group tactics)
Skitechnik Alpine

On a small application tour we deepen your alpine ski technique in the ascent and descent in challenging terrain. Because good skiing and solid accenting mean also safety! Sometimes it takes only a few small tips to achieve a great result.

Duration: ½ day
Direction: Mountain guide IVBV

  • Sicherheit & Taktik in steilem / schwierigem Gelände 
  • (Spitzkehren, Seitwärts Abrutschen, Ski anziehen in steilem Gelände)
  • Technik Aufstieg
  • (Kick-Truns, Spitzkehren mit Fellen, Handling Felle & Harsteisen, effizienter Wechsel, Bootpacking, etc.)
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