14.-16.02. 2025

Splitboard- / Snowboard Camp Engelberg

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3 days
Friday – Sunday



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Ready for the Ultimate Splitboard Adventure?

Since the groundbreaking film “Deeper” by Jeremy Jones, splitboarding has experienced a real boom. But honestly, offers specifically for splitboarders are still quite scarce. That’s exactly what we want to change! In our camp, we focus entirely on splitboarding. We want to bring the splitboard community together and embark on this journey together. Here’s what you can expect:

Our Goal in the Camp: Together, we aim to achieve the following goals:

  • Independent Touring & Freeride Planning for Splitboarders: We’ll show you how to plan your own tours and descents and execute them safely.
  • Confident Travel: After the camp, you’ll confidently embark on tours and enjoy every second on your splitboard.
  • Ideas for Exciting Tours: Get inspired and gather plenty of ideas for thrilling splitboard adventures.

Specific Camp Contents: In our camp, we specifically cover the following topics:

  • Tour Planning and Avalanche Prevention: We’ll show you how to plan your tours safely and protect yourself from avalanches.
  • Avalanche Education with Transceiver, Probe, Shovel: We’ll teach you the proper use of avalanche equipment.
  • Tips and Tricks for Ascent with the Splitboard: Learn how to ascend efficiently and save energy.
  • Descent Technique: Improve your descent technique and confidently master every downhill ride.
  • Equipment Knowledge: We’ll cover everything you need to know about splitboard equipment.
  • Handling of Rope and Hardware for Couloirs and Abseiling: Become proficient in handling ropes and hardware for challenging descents.
  • Abseiling, Rescue, and Improvisation: In emergency situations, you’ll know how to safely rescue yourself and others.

We are ready to elevate the splitboard community to the next level! Join us and get ready for unforgettable splitboard adventures at the Engelberg Snowboard Camp and Splitboard Camp. 🏂❄️🚀


Our program is flexible and adapts to the group composition, various experience levels, and, of course, the current weather and snow conditions.

Splitboard application tour

The third day is packed with adventure. On an application tour planned the evening before, we are out and about in alpine terrain, learning the correct handling of ropes and hardware and improving our snowboarding technique on steep slopes. Naturally at a level adapted to the participants.

Duration: 1 day
Leader: IVBV mountain guide and snowboard coach

  • Out and about in the terrain
  • Normal & improvised abseiling
  • Stand construction on rock, ice and snow
  • Descent skills in steep terrain from 40°
  • Tour planningFor the beginner group, this programme is of course well adapted to the level of the participants!

For beginners, we tailor the program to their individual level.

With our versatile program at the Engelberg Snowboard Camp and Splitboard Camp, we offer a comprehensive experience that takes your skills to a new level. Join us and discover the world of splitboarding! 🏂❄️🏔️