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Levels Pre-Season Camp

In order to meet your requirements, we form different groups in all camps. The teams are classified by level to build on your existing experience.

In which level do you classify yourself?

In the Pre-Season Camps we have the following levels per series:


Mild - Starter

Skiing off-piste is new to you. Maybe you’ve already tried it and you’ve got caught by the virus. You can also ski the black slopes on the piste. Now you want to learn and improve your ski touring and freeriding skills.


  • Solid skiing technique on the slopes. Black slopes are no big deal for you.
  • You have good memories of your first taster experiences off-piste on ski tours or freeriding.
  • Fitness & motivation for ascents with skins of max. 60min.
  • No alpine technical experience necessary. But nice to have!
  • Basic knowledge of avalanche prevention and rescue is an advantage but not mandatory.


Here we will adjust the programme a lot. You can do all the workshops, but train in terrain where you certainly don’t have to be afraid. As we don’t have so many registrations for the pre-season camp at this level, it is easier if you are already a small group of 2-3 people. More is also possible or you can join a group as an individual.


Spicy - Geniesser

Probably the most common level. You have already been on guided or independent ski tours, but it is not (yet) your greatest passion. You still have time for other things in your life than the mountains. Really?! (Note from the team).  You love to go on ski or freeride tours. You are now motivated to improve your knowledge and existing experience and to refresh what you already know. 


  • Good technique in skiing next to the piste up to moderately steep terrain. You can “get down” anywhere; if not with easy turns, then with sliding sideways… No grades are given for the stems.
  • Climbs up to 800 m with skins are fun, as long as the descent is worth it!
  • Alpine technical knowledge is an advantage, but not mandatory.
  • Basic experience with avalanche beacon, probe, shovel and avalanche prevention would be desirable.


Very grateful level for us as mountain guides. Because you can already do a lot, but we can also show you a lot. Our goal is always that you can later use it independently on easy to medium tours. The transition from the “spicy connoisseur” to the “hot expert” level is very “spongy”. This is where the experience you have gained and your personal attitude come into play.


Hot - Könner

If your grandmother hasn’t just passed away, a wedding isn’t planning the weekend or you have to go to the LUGA with your boyfriend, you’re sure to be found on the mountain. Whether it’s on a ski tour or freeriding, you’re enthusiastic about everything. You enjoy challenging ski and freeride tours. You regularly motivate your colleagues to join you on a tour. You have even planned and “led” them yourself.


  • Very good off-piste skiing technique. You can master steep passages of up to 45°, even if you don’t always feel 100% comfortable.
  • Very good ascent technique with skins and hard irons. It doesn’t matter how many vertical metres you climb, the main thing is that it’s worth it to ski down.
  • Basic alpine knowledge (e.g. climbing in summer, alpine touring, etc.) is a prerequisite. (Let us know if this is not the case, it can be learned!)
  • Regular training in rescue and independent assessment of the avalanche situation is assumed and built upon.


A very rewarding level for us as mountain guides. Because you can already do a lot, are ultra motivated to learn even more and we can also show you a lot. The goal is that you can strengthen your ego and regularly go on freeride and ski tours in most levels. The transition from the “spicy connoisseur” to the “hot expert” level is very “spongy”. The experience you have gained and your personal attitude also play a role here.


Hell - Freakshow

Your colleagues call you a freak when you tell them about skiing… You spend almost every free minute on the mountain, when you’re not waxing your skis in the basement. On your toilet you have touring guides and the latest ski magazine of your choice. For several years, you have been out and about in the mountains independently, planning and carrying out tours yourself. Perhaps you are even a tour leader, soon to be an aspirant or simply a down-to-earth feerider You can handle your skis in all types of snow and terrain up to 45° in good conditions is more fun than scary for you.


  • Actually self-explanatory if you want to classify yourself in this level.
  • Very good downhill skiing technique. Good means solid ability in all types of snow up to 45-50°!
  • TipTop condition. Ascents of up to 1600 m a day are no problem for you. Of course you can be tired in the evening, but not after 90 minutes!
  • Knowledge of alpine techniques with rope, crampons, ice axe and crampons.
  • Basic knowledge of glaciers


At this level it is assumed that 80% of the points of the programe have already been trained/applied. The programe at the camp is based on this knowledge. We show you the latest methods and refresh your existing knowledge. An active discussion and exchange of experiences with the course participants is important to us.

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