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We, as mountain guides, are at your disposal as “coaches” and help you to decide and carry out the plans you have made. This means that not only we, but also you lead the way!

With tips and tricks we will raise your already good level and experience great adventures together!

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We offer the camp at various locations to always provide you with something new.
  • Cozy Titlis // Level SPICY-HOT // On the first day, intensive coaching at Titlis is on the agenda before we head into the “real” backcountry between Spannort and Titlis for the next two days.
  • Titlis Backside // Level HOT-HELL // The classic! The cold start with the Titlis round tour already requires advanced knowledge. We will be out in the adventure terrain for three days, staying in huts or their winter rooms.
  • Magic Arolla // Level SPICY-HOT // New area, different mountains, countless possibilities! The Wallis Alps are magnificent. The structure is similar to Cozy Titlis, but in a completely different mountain scenery.

Program Example

Depending on the location and level of the camp, the program and the selected tours vary. Here is an example for the big-mountain camp “Titlis Backside”.


The conditions during early season can vary. Therefor also our program during the camp. The participant can look forward to a safe and high-quality program regardless of weather and snow conditions. We want to create an optimal learning climate where everyone can contribute their experiences. The team of mountain guides are very motivated to pass on their own experiences to you in a good way. The participants’ experiences and knowledge from the mountains also give us all additional opportunities to develop even more.

The passion for nature and skiing connects us all and we want to focus on the community of snow sports during these three days.

BMC – Day 3
  • Crossing Bächenstock, Glattfirn, Schlossberglück
  • Looooong descent to Engelberg

Training focus:

  • Glacier
  • Short rope / Micor SL (basics)
  • Ridge scrambling
  • Efficient occurrence
  • Navigation in the terrain
  • Application!
BMC – Day 2
  • Ascent to the Grassengrat. Possible summits Stössenstock, Murmelsplanggstock.
  • Descent to Chlialptal.
  • Ascent in the opposite direction to the Seewenhütte.
  • Delicious beer. The hut is open.

Training focus:

  • Climbing and rope handling on easy ridge.
  • Use of ice axe & crampons
  • Hardware
  • Further wish topics workshops at hut (e.g. pulley, rescue etc.)
BMC – Day 1
  • Friday morning with the gondola to the Titlis. 3029 m.a.s.l. First part of the well-known Titlis round trip.
  • Descent via Steinberg glacier to the “Hinteres Titlisjoch”. Scrambling over the “Messer”.
  • Abseiling over the two couloirs of the Titlis round tour.
  • From Schwarze Berg (2100 m.a.s.l.) ascent over the Wenden glacier to Grassenjoch (2731).
  • Nice descent towards Sustenbrüggli.
  • Ascent to the Sustlihütte (2256).
  • Here we cater for ourselves in the winter room.

Training focus:

  • Rope handling
  • Track system ascent
  • Descent
  • Route finding
  • Tour planning
BMC Day 1- Cozy Titlis

On the first day we want to prepare you for the high mountains. In contrast to the big mountain camp “Titlis Backside” (only level HOT & FREAK) where we start directly on an application tour, here we coach you with workshops on the first day.

Focus: Coaching and closing gaps for big alpine tours.

  • Training day for big mountain tours. Ski tours and rope handling according to level.
  • “Rope & More” training block based on various situations
  • equipment
  • knots
  • Abseiling normal & improvised
  • Safe skiing on steep terrain
  • Jumpturns
  • Sliding sideways, spit turns etc.Overnight stay in the village of Engelberg.

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The Big Mountain Camp is not for beginners. You must already have experience in the mountains to build on this.

In order to adapt the programme as well as possible to your level, we form level groups in which we spend the days on the road.



Dani Perret

“Skiing in the adventure area means a lot to me. With some imagination and the right skills, you can experience something in all conditions. Thanks to rope & skins, you can reach slopes and gullies that will make your heart beat faster.”

Dani was born and raised in the same area as Piers. The adventure in the mountains attracted him already as a child and teenager again and again to lonely and secluded terrain. He feels at home on skis, mountain-, climbing- or trailrunning shoes, in all disciplines. The focus is not so much on relative performance, but rather on lasting experiences with the highest possible level of safety.

Dani is a full-time mountain guide in winter as well as summer, stationed in Engelberg. Again and again he discovers the Engelberg valley and the surrounding areas in the Alps with new eyes and is happy to share his newly gained ideas with you.


Robert Lönnell

“Robert Lönnell a Swedish IFMGA / UIAGM / IVBV mountain guide. He has lived in Engelberg with his family since 2009.”

Robert started skiing at a young age and after finishing school he was ready to leave Sweden and start exploring different mountains and terrain.
After 10 years of travelling to different places such as Chamonix, Tirol, Canada and more he came to Engelberg in 2009 and decided to turn his passion for the mountains into a career.
He now works full time as a professional IFMGA Mountain Guide.
Skiing powder, climbing walls or guiding you up your dream peak. He is always happy to take you out in to the mountains.

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If the weather is good and the avalanche situation is suitable, we leave the ski area. We are on the way behind the Titlis in the “open terrain”. Of course we need the touring skis for this.

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What are the requirements for me?

The camp is not designed for freeride or ski touring beginners. You must have experience in these areas, be solid on skis or snowboard and have a good basic level of fitness. We will make different groups according to levels in the different training blocks. This way you can later place yourself (via self-assessment form) and with a mountain guide in a group that suits you. Are you already a very strong tourer, freerider or alpinist? Then please let us know in the registration form so that we can assign you to the right group. (or later by self-assessment form)

Can I also participate as a snowboarder?

Yes, if you have a splitboard, that’s a good idea.

How do I organise the overnight stay?

We stay overnight in cabins. This is organised but not included in the price. Please let us know if you are vegetarian or similar.

What if the weather is bad or there is no snow?

We use to have a Plan B in that case. If it is super bad and dangerouse, we have to may shorten it down.

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Overnight stay

Possible overnight stays

  • Sustli hut
  • Grassen bivouac
  • Sewenhütte
  • Engelberg Youth Hostel

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Mountain Camps Engelberg

c/o Dani Perret
Schweizerhausstrasse 100
6390 Engelberg


+41 79 513 16 56

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