Urner Haute Route

Urner Haute Route

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5 days // Monday – Friday



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Experience the adventure of the Uri Haute Route

The Uri Haute Route, also known as the Skiers Haute Route, Uri Traverse or Skiers Travers, is a spectacular ski traverse of the Uri Alps stretching from Andermatt to Engelberg. With experienced and local mountain guides by your side, you will experience five unforgettable days of short sunny ascents and long powder descents.

The highlights of the Uri Haute Route

This historic ski tour takes you through remote areas and impressive mountain landscapes. From summit tours on the Lochberg, Sustenhorn (3503 m), Fünffingerstöcke to Grassen (2946 m) with subsequent dream descents to Engelberg – the Uri Haute Route offers everything a skier’s heart desires.

A ski adventure from south to north

The special feature of this tour is the route from south to north, which means that you always ascend on the sunny side and then surf on the north-facing powder snow side. The steep, pristine slopes are a true paradise for downhill enthusiasts.

Perfect conditions for freeriders and ski tourers

Whether you are an experienced freerider or a passionate ski tourer with downhill talent, Uri’s Haute Route offers the ideal combination of both disciplines. Safety comes first, but the skiing fun is not neglected.

Also suitable for splitboarders

The ski traverse of the Uri Alps is also well suited for experienced splitboarders looking for a challenge.

Downhill-oriented ski tourers are welcome!

The Uri Haute Route is perfect for downhill-oriented ski tourers with excellent skiing technique. The route leads from Andermatt to Engelberg and offers sunny ascents and shady descents in the wild surroundings of the Uri Alps. During the five-day tour, we will stay in four different huts, each with its own unique charm.

Experience the Uri Haute Route with a local mountain guide

On the Uri Haute Route, the focus is on the enjoyment of skiing. Accompanied by experienced mountain guides, you spend five days in the midst of the breathtaking nature of the Uri Alps and don’t have to worry about anything. The accommodations offer space for relaxation, conviviality and enjoyment.


The program of the “Uri Haute Route” offers a certain flexibility that allows us to adapt it according to the level of the group, the available hut space and the current conditions. As a rule, we follow the “normal route”, but it may happen that we slightly modify one or the other hut. Regardless of these adjustments, the unforgettable experience and breathtaking nature that awaits us on this tour always remains unchanged.

Urner Haute Route – Day 1


On the first day of the Uri Haute Route, the day begins early in the morning in Engelberg with the material check and the repacking of the equipment. From here, the journey is made comfortably by organized cab. Of course, an individual journey to Andermatt or Realp is also possible.

In Realp a warm meet and greet with the other participants and the experienced mountain guides awaits you.
Together you will then make your way to the Albertheim Hut, majestically perched at 2539 meters above sea level. On the way there you will have the opportunity to improve your alpine skills, especially in the area of kick turns and ascent technique.

Once you arrive at the Albertheimhütte, you can enjoy your first well-deserved beer and discuss the coming days at length. For those who are still fit and motivated, a small ski round is optionally on the program.

Distance: 6 km
Ascent: 1000 hm
Descent: 50 hm (can be extended with additional ski loop for fit people)

Hut: Albert Heim hut

Urner Haute Route – Day 2

The idyllic one!

After a hopefully restful night at the Albertheimhütte, we start our second day on the Uri Haute Route. Early in the morning we start with a short descent and then make our way to the Winterlücke, where we can enjoy the first warming rays of sunshine of the day. Our skis are securely fastened to the backpack while we climb on foot the imposing Lochberg, which towers a proud 3075 meters above sea level.

The descent from the northeast slopes of the Lochberg down to the Göscheneralpsee is an unforgettable experience that will burn itself into your memory. Along the way, we pass the lake’s impressive dam and tackle a short counter-ascension before finally arriving at Seraina and her team’s wonderful mountain inn, Gwüest. Here you can even enjoy a refreshing shower – a real treat after an active day in the mountains.

Distance: 10 km
Ascent: 850 hm
Descent: 1770 hm

Hut: Gwüest mountain inn

Urner Haute Route – Day 3

The varied!

After an exciting snowmobile ride from the Gwüest mountain inn to the dam wall, we continue our tour with the ascent to the Bergseehütte. But we leave the Bergseehütte to the left and instead climb at the foot of the impressive west face of the Bergseeschijen. An exciting adventure awaits us here.

With our skis on our backpacks, we climb up the steep couloir thread-deep. This climb is very exciting and requires perseverance. Once on the saddle, we have the choice of continuing towards Schinstock or directly enjoying the leisurely descent into the Voralp valley.

After a short counter ascent we finally reach the rustic Voralp hut. Here a delicious reward awaits us in the form of delicious apricot cake.

Distance: 8km
Ascent: 1250 hm
Descent: 900 hm

Hut: Voralp Hut SAC

Urner Haute Route – Day 4

The imposing!

The fourth day of the tour promises to be the king stage! An impressive ascent over the Flachensteinfirn glacier to the Chelenalplücke awaits us. Here a challenging passage awaits us, as we have to climb the steep couloir with ice axe and crampons. The trail continues over the Sustenlimi and finally to the proud 3502 meter high Sustenhorn.

On this part of the tour we will be surrounded by majestic glaciers and in the thin high altitude air we will feel the effort in our lungs. Undoubtedly an unforgettable experience that will reward us with breathtaking views and impressive mountain scenery.

The descent from this section is simply awesome and will fill you with wonder. The joy of skiing in this breathtaking environment is incomparable. After this exciting day we will finally reach the Sustenlimi Alpine Center where we will spend the night. Here we will have another opportunity to take a refreshing shower before preparing for the next stage of our tour.


Distance: 13 km
Ascent: 1540 hm
Descent: 1800 hm

Hut: Alpine Center Sustenpass

Urner Haute Route – Day 5

Grand finale!

On the last day of the Uri Haute Route, a real challenge awaits once again. The ascent to the Fünffingerstock is almost half asleep, but the exciting rock spikes along the way are a scenic highlight. The view from up here is breathtaking and compensates for the effort.

After a descent (different variants are available) and a short counter-ascension, the sheer endless northern descent into the Engelberg valley finally awaits us. The scenery during this descent is truly unique and offers us an unforgettable experience.

At the end of the tour we take the bus or cab back to the village, where we can reward ourselves with a delicious lunch. This is the perfect end to a challenging and impressive tour through the Uri Alps.

Distance: 13 km
Ascent: 1400 hm
Descent: 2290 hm


Skiing technique requirements:

You should have very good downhill technique, both off-piste and on moderately steep terrain with slopes of 35-40 degrees. You should be able to “ski down” safely almost anywhere, whether by skilful cornering or sliding sideways. No grades will be given, perfection is not the goal.

You should have fun mastering ascents of up to 1500 vertical meters with touring skis if the subsequent descent is worth it. Short, steep portages where you carry the skis on your backpack should give you more pleasure than fear.

The use of crampons, even on difficult passages, should not be a problem for you. Mastering hairpin turns and getting around obstacles without falling are skills you should have.

Mental and physical demands:

A day ski tour is more strenuous than a day tour with 1500 vertical meters.
Even if the Uri Haute Route has less altitude meters than the classic Chamonix-Zermatt; It is advisable to prepare well for the tour days by incorporating regular training and touring into your daily routine. This will make the whole experience much more enjoyable for you. Note that the Uri Haute Route is more demanding in terms of skiing technique than the great classic Chamonix-Zermatt. Alpine technical skills are an advantage, but not mandatory.

Basic knowledge of avalanche transceivers, avalanche probes, shovels and avalanche prevention techniques is desirable.



  • Location: The route runs through the impressive mountains of Uri in central Switzerland from Andermatt to Engelberg.
  • Level of difficulty: The Uri Haute Route is demanding and requires good ski technique and experience in ski touring.
  • Skiers Haute Route: The loop presents itself as a haute route for lovers of downhill skiing and offers a variety of challenging, breathtaking runs. Go up on the south side, ski down on the north side!
  • Total vertical meters: The Uri Haute Route includes almost 6,000 vertical meters in ascent and descent during the entire tour.
  • Length of the route: The total length of the Uri Haute Route is about 80 to 100 kilometers, depending on the chosen variants and route sections.
  • Highest point: The highest point of the route is the Sustenhorn at 3502 meters above sea level.
  • Glacier crossings: The tour includes several glacier crossings that require special equipment and caution.
  • Hut Overnight Stays: The route passes various mountain huts where overnight stays and meals are available.
  • Duration: The Uri Haute Route usually takes 5 days.
  • History: The route has a long tradition and was first described in the 1930s.
  • Nature experience: The tour offers untouched nature, breathtaking peaks and glacier landscapes.
  • Unique experience: The Uri Haute Route offers an unforgettable adventure for ski tourers and nature enthusiasts.
  • Number of glacier crossings: During the tour there are about 5 to 7 glacier crossings, which require special equipment and knowledge in dealing with glaciers.


The equipment list for the Uri Haute Route:

Backpack: a backpack with a capacity of about 30 liters to carry your equipment and personal items.

Avalanche emergency equipment:

  • Avalanche Beacon (avalanche transceiver): An avalanche beacon to search for buried people in the event of an avalanche.
  • Avalanche shovel: A shovel to help buried people.
  • Avalanche probe: A probe to determine the exact depth of avalanche burials.

Ski Equipment:

  • Freeride or touring skis with light touring bindings: skis suitable for the terrain and ascents. Max 105mm recommended.
  • Ski boots: Comfortable ski boots, ideally with rubber soles for ascents.
  • Ski poles: Telescopic poles are optimal for variable terrain conditions.
  • Adhesive skins: skins applied to the underside of the skis to facilitate the ascent. Please cut to fit in advance!
  • Ski-Crampons: “Harsteisen” for hard snow or firn sections.
  • Climbing harness: A harness which can be useful, e.g. for glacier crossings or belaying purposes.
  • 2x HMS carabiners: carabiners for various purposes.

Additional equipment and personal items:

  • Crampons (aluminum is sufficient): For technically challenging passages.
  • Light pick: For potential ascents in couloirs.
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen: Protection from the strong alpine sun.
  • Possibly camera / GoPro: To capture the spectacular scenery.
  • Blister plaster: For first aid treatment of blisters and injuries.
  • Half-Fare Card (if available): If you can benefit from discounts on transportation.
  • Money for cable cars, cab and drinks: Cash for expenses in the huts.
  • SAC ID card: For discounts in the huts.
  • Snacks and drinks: energy bars, nuts and water to recharge your batteries along the way.
  • Silk sleeping bag: for overnight stays in huts to improve hygiene and provide warmth.

Make sure you pack and check all these items carefully before you start your tour on the Uri Haute Route. The right gear is crucial for your safety and comfort during the tour.



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