Haute Route Chamonix-Zermatt “Classique”

Haute Route Chamonix-Zermatt “Classique”

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Experience the Adventure of a Lifetime on the Haute Route Chamonix – Zermatt

The Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating and challenging ski tours in the Alps. Stretching through the majestic Alps, this legendary route covers many beautiful kilometers and takes you through some of the most breathtaking alpine landscapes in Europe. It connects the two iconic mountain villages of Chamonix in France and Zermatt in Switzerland. This tour is an unforgettable adventure that attracts both experienced mountaineers and passionate ski tourers. Immerse yourself in the world of glaciers, rugged mountain peaks, and snow-covered high plateaus as you conquer the six stages of this epic journey.

The Haute Route in Brief:

The Haute Route is widely known for its challenge and the physical endurance it demands. It is a multi-day ski tour that leads from hut to hut, encompassing the highest peaks of the Alps. It requires not only solid skiing skills but also a strong physical condition and an understanding of alpine safety. Experienced mountain guides accompany our groups, providing professional guidance and support.

Day by Day:

  • Day 1 – Chamonix – Cabane de Trient
  • Day 2 – Cabane de Trient – Cabane du Mont-Fort (Taxi Transfer)
  • Day 3 – Cabane du Mont-Fort – Cabane de Prafleuri
  • Day 4 – Cabane de Prafleuri – Cabane des Dix
  • Day 5 – Cabane des Dix – Cabane des Vignettes
  • Day 6 – Cabane des Vignettes – Zermatt

Mastering the Challenge: The Haute Route is undoubtedly demanding, but it does not require extreme skills. You should be able to ski in various snow conditions and travel in alpine terrain. Experienced mountain guides are available to assist our groups and ensure that all participants safely complete the route.

Experience the Unforgettable: The Haute Route Chamonix – Zermatt offers not only spectacular descents and unforgettable peaks but also the opportunity to experience the unique alpine culture and hospitality in the traditional huts along the route.

Prepare for the Adventure: If you are ready to take on the challenge and conquer the Haute Route Chamonix – Zermatt, do not hesitate to sign up. This tour will change your life forever and provide you with unforgettable memories. Be prepared to push your limits and experience the beauty of the Alps in a whole new way.

Programm & Details

Not included in the price:

  • Rental costs for ski touring equipment
  • Travel expenses
  • Accommodation costs in huts / hotels
  • Food expenses
  • Mountain lift fees


Skill Requirements for Skiing:

You should have very good downhill skiing skills, both off-piste and in moderately steep terrain with slopes of 35-40 degrees. You should be able to descend confidently almost anywhere, whether it’s through skillful carving or sidestepping. No grades are given, and perfection is not the goal.

You should enjoy ascending up to 1500 meters in altitude with touring skis when the subsequent descent is rewarding. Short, steep sections where you carry the skis on your backpack should bring you more joy than fear.

The use of crampons, even in difficult sections, should not be a problem for you. Mastering kick-turns and navigating obstacles safely are skills you should possess.

Mental and Physical Requirements:

A day of ski touring is more strenuous than a day trip with 1500 meters of altitude gain. It’s advisable to prepare for the tour days by incorporating regular training and tours into your daily routine. This will make the entire experience much more enjoyable for you. Note that the Urner Haute Route is more demanding in terms of skiing skills than the classic Chamonix-Zermatt route. Alpine technical skills are advantageous but not mandatory.

Basic knowledge in handling avalanche transceivers (LVS), avalanche probes, shovels, and avalanche prevention techniques is desirable.



  • Historical Heritage: The Haute Route was first completed in 1903 by French and British mountaineers. Back then, it was a summer tour, but today, it’s one of the most renowned ski tours worldwide.
  • Route Length: The Haute Route covers an impressive 90 kilometers, leading from Chamonix in France to Zermatt in Switzerland, making it one of the longest ski tours.
  • Glacier Crossings: During the tour, you’ll cross some of the most spectacular glaciers in the Alps, including the Glacier du Trient, Glacier du Brenay, and Glacier du Mont Collon.
  • Highest Elevation: The highest point on the Haute Route is the Pigne d’Arolla, standing at 3,796 meters. From here, you’ll have a breathtaking view of the surrounding peaks.
  • Famous Peaks: The route passes by some of the most famous peaks in the Alps, including the Matterhorn, Dent Blanche, and Mont Collon.
  • Overnight Stays in Mountain Huts: Participants spend their nights in cozy mountain huts during the tour, creating a unique alpine atmosphere.
  • Technical Challenge: The Haute Route is both a physical and technical challenge. Skiers must deal with demanding descents, ascents, and glacier crossings.
  • Experienced Mountain Guides: Participation in the Haute Route typically requires the guidance of an experienced mountain guide. This ensures the safety of participants and helps them navigate the route securely.


The Equipment List for the Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt

Backpack: A backpack with a capacity of approximately 30 liters to carry your equipment and personal items.

Avalanche Emergency Equipment:

  • AVS (Avalanche Transceiver): An avalanche transceiver to search for buried individuals in case of an avalanche.
  • Avalanche Shovel: A shovel to assist buried persons.
  • Avalanche Probe: A probe to determine the exact depth of buried avalanche victims.

Ski Equipment:

  • Freeride or Touring Skis with Lightweight Touring Bindings: Appropriate skis for the terrain and ascents. Max. 105mm recommended.
  • Ski Boots: Comfortable ski boots, ideally with rubber soles for ascent.
  • Ski Poles: Telescopic poles are optimal for variable terrain conditions.
  • Climbing Skins: Skins applied to the underside of skis to facilitate the ascent. Please cut to fit in advance!
  • Crampons: Crampons for hard snow or firn sections.
  • Climbing Harness: A harness that may be useful, e.g., for glacier crossings or safety purposes.
  • 2x HMS Carabiners: Carabiners for various purposes.

Additional Equipment and Personal Items:

  • Crampons (Aluminum is sufficient): For technically challenging sections.
  • Light Ice Axe: For potential ascents in couloirs.
  • Sunglasses and Sunscreen: Protection from the intense alpine sun.
  • Possibly a Camera / GoPro: To capture the spectacular scenery.
  • Blister Plasters: For first-aid treatment of blisters and injuries.
  • Swiss Half Fare Card (if available): In case you can benefit from transportation discounts.
  • Money for Mountain Lifts, Taxi, and Drinks: Cash for expenses at the huts.
  • SAC (Swiss Alpine Club) Membership Card: For hut discounts.
  • Snacks and Drinks: Energy bars, nuts, and water to refuel on the go.
  • Silk Sleeping Bag Liner: For hut stays, to enhance hygiene and warmth.

Ensure that you pack and check all these items carefully before embarking on your tour of the Urner Haute Route. Having the right equipment is crucial for your safety and comfort during the tour.



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